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Welcome to bodypilates.co.uk

bodypilates.co.uk aims to introduce people to the Pilates method. If you are interested in the Pilates exercises and in taking Pilates classes then you have found the right site!

Nicola now teaches Pregnancy Pilates classes which is one of the best forms of exercise for expectant mothers. Book a class.

bodypilates.co.uk is run by Nicola Smith who is the bodypilates.co.uk trainer. Nicola is qualified to teach Pilates classes to groups of no more than twelve and to teach clients on a one to one basis. She takes her classes in three locations, in Essex. If you would like to take Pilates classes in Essex then you should fill in the enrolment form and give bodypilates.co.uk a go !!!

The site explains Pilates in the what is Pilates ? section, the benefits in the benefits of Pilates section, Who Nicola is and her qualifications. There are also the location of classes page, the classes page which explains the kind of classes that Nicola does and there is the enrolment page which is where you can enrol in a particular class.

The Pilates exercises that Nicola goes through during her classes are extremely beneficial. The Pilates method relies on strengthening core postural muscles and developing body alignment. For more info on the benefits of Pilates please click here.

Pilates is a wonderful exercise and everyone should give it a go so why not fill in the enrolment form and try it !!!

Pilates classes & Pilates exercises. The Pilates method for a physical and mental well-being !
What is Pilates ? Pilates Classes in London ?
Pilates Method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the total body.
It is used by many top athletes and dancers around the globe.
Nicola takes all her Pilates Classes in Essex at three locations, Southend on Sea & Leigh on Sea. She is extremely close to London and currently has many clients from within the London area.
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